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High Reliability..and Excellence Services

High Reliability ..and Excellence Services

ANC Vision, goals, mission and values


To be a distinctive and pioneering industrial edifice
in the field of fire pumps and safety systems of high
quality and reliability.


  •  Responsible and efficient participation in manufacturing and production of pumps and safety systems with high ‘ in standards’ quality and reliability.
  • Selling and installation various of company products with implementing safety systems projects with high levels of proficiency and quality with using the best technical tools devices.
  • Providing comprehensive and distinguished after-sales services. Whether for products after installation or for projects after implementation.
  • Efficient participation in social responsibility.


Providing fire pumps and firefighting with high quality and
reliability and implementing of safety systems projects
in accordance with national and international standards.


  • Commitment to honesty and high morals with high quality and reliability the perfection in all our dealings and services.
  • Full respect for the privacy and rights of customers.
  • Taking care of customers opinions and complains also with giving full concern.
  • Fairness and justice with employees, customer and suppliers.
  • Using of  equipements and devices with high levels and standards of quality, safety standards in our all products and activities.