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Visit of the mission of Omani Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority

The Omani Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority, represented by Captain / Abdulaziz bin Sultan Al-Ghafri and Sergeant Major/ Haitham bin Ali Al-Anbouri, visited Arif Al-Nahdi Company Ltd. and all its administrative, industrial and logistic facilities. The visit coincided with the International Day of Civil Defense, the mission was also accompanied by the Omani journalist, Mr. Tariq bin Salem Al-Nahdi. During the visit, ANC course of action and its affiliated facilities were reviewed, as well as the approvals and accreditation certificates for all products, also the mission along with the Executive Management of ANC visited the Omani embassy In Riyadh, this visit comes through ANC vision to spread regionally at the level of the GCC and other Arab countries.


Kirloskar, one of the international Companies Specialized in the Manufacture of diesel Machines, represented by the chief technical Engineer, held a workshop for the engineering and technical staff of ANC at the company’s factory in Riyadh.  The engineer explained the latest technical updates for diesel engines and electromechanical details in addition to technical solutions during Manufacturing and assembly stage.

inauguration of projects sector

One of the strategic goals of ANC is to provide comprehensive and wide services to keep pace with the needs of market and a future aspiration to expand the circle of customers at Kingdom and the Gulf countries.

From this standpoint, Today the CEO inaugurated Projects Sector department, which contains a crew of engineering and technical cadres with highest levels of experience & efficiency, who in turn will serve a large segment of customers, Sector will also target development projects that are in line with the goals and vision of KSA 2030.


Based on partnership between Arif Al-Nahdi Co.Ltd. and several international companies specialized and accredited in the manufacturing of Fire-Fighting Equipment and Systems based on UL/FM and NFPA requirement, The TORANTECH; Canadian company represented by Eng. Andre Rassy conducted the Training and Workshop for ANC Engineers & Technician at Head Office, Riyadh.

 TORANTECH is specializes in the conception and manufacturing of Fire pump controllers in accordance with NFPA 20 standard, listed with UL and approved by FM body. This is always utmost priority of the company’s management on the importance of raising the level of professionalism and Competency development among ANC Sales Team and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of fire systems technology.

Jazan branch opening

 Aref Al-Nahdi Company Limited, represented by the CEO Mr. Mohsen Al-Nahdi, opened its new branch in Jazan City , due to the company’s keenness to closely provide the product and service and to be an important and effective part in developing wheel of industrial growth in the region. The CEO also confirmed that the branch will serve the company’s customers directly, quickly and ensure that it reaches to largest segment of customers in the Jazan and its environs. the sales manager Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Nahdi, introduced clients to the latest accreditation certificates obtained by ANC from different Organizations. At the end of ceremony, the CEO distributed shields and souvenirs to the distinguished Clients and thanked them for attending. He also praised the role of the civil defense in city for their keenness and constant interaction to improve the quality of the product which should be according to the requirements approved by the Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization (SASO).


We have joined today to SAUDI MADE Program, it’s a national initiative launched by the Saudi Export Development Authority as part of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Services Program, which aims to stimulate national industries and encourage consumers to purchase local Products and develop, enhance the Kingdom’s exports to Global Markets. The program supports and encourages national industries at all levels and reflects the Kingdom’s ambitious vision of the national economy, as it contributes to strengthening cooperation between the participating members of the manufacturers, and forward advancing the economy. logo of SAUDI MADE on our products also contributes to enhancing the Kingdom’s image around the world.

Participation in Intersec Exhibition

In order to spread our message and strive to achieve the desired goals, as well as promote our services at the highest levels, ANC represented by its Management and technical staff has participated in the INTERSEC exhibition, which includes the largest gathering in the region for manufacturers and suppliers of Firefighting and safety systems, with the participation of many local and international companies specialized in this field in period of 13-15September2022
ANC Stand in exhibition was impressed by testimony of participating Companies as well as the audience, where the visitors got a sufficient and adequate explanation of the services provided, as well as a presentation of some of ANC products made by the best engineers and technicians who obtained high certificates in the manufacture of fire pumps and safety systems, and all inquiries and questions were answered… In addition to distributing souvenirs to the audience.

The National day (92) of Saudi Arabia

It is the day that every Saudi citizen is proud of, and the spirit of passion and belonging to this generous country are renewed, KSA is the country that has provided and continues to offer many opportunities for citizens and residents to contribute in the construction and development. And because it is a great and dear day to our hearts, ANC Family has shared homeland the gladness, asking our God to perpetuate security, safety, progress and prosperity for our beloved Kingdome and all other Muslim countries.

Anniversary Of The Founding Day Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

A day of pride for us as Saudis of the interest of our leadership, may God protect it, in promoting the culture and history of the Kingdom, which was the product of the great efforts made by our kings and rulers throughout history, from the moment Imam Muhammad bin Saud, may God have mercy on him, announced the establishment of the state, to the announcement of His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God protect him, who He made this anniversary an official holiday in the country, all efforts are connected, and all ambitions are for the elevation of this great and one kingdom. Beloved, a thousand good, every year, and that green flag surrounds our hearts with security, safety, and safety that has always been hostage to its palpitations, which coincide with the palpitations of our hearts.


Aref Al-Nahdi Co., Ltd. represented by the Marketing Department, opens its new branch in Dammam, the largest branch in the Eastern Province, in line with the needs of customers, saving time and speed of supply. The Marketing Director, Engineer Salem bin Aref Al-Nahdi, explained that the new branch will be a qualitative leap for the company in the eastern region, expanding the circle of customers and facilitating their service, which coincides with the increasing demands of customers in the eastern region for the company’s products, especially after its approval by the Civil Defense.The engineer also thanked the attendees and presented them with gifts in kind on the occasion of the opening, as well as the concerned authorities represented by the Civil Defense in the Eastern Province for their keenness that the fire pumps are in accordance with the necessary requirements and approved by the Saudi Standards and Metrology Authority, which is a prerequisite for its approval by the Civil Defense.