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High Reliability..and Excellence Services


Aref Al-Nahdi Co., Ltd. represented by the Marketing Department, opens its new branch in Dammam, the largest branch in the Eastern Province, in line with the needs of customers, saving time and speed of supply. The Marketing Director, Engineer Salem bin Aref Al-Nahdi, explained that the new branch will be a qualitative leap for the company in the eastern region, expanding the circle of customers and facilitating their service, which coincides with the increasing demands of customers in the eastern region for the company’s products, especially after its approval by the Civil Defense.The engineer also thanked the attendees and presented them with gifts in kind on the occasion of the opening, as well as the concerned authorities represented by the Civil Defense in the Eastern Province for their keenness that the fire pumps are in accordance with the necessary requirements and approved by the Saudi Standards and Metrology Authority, which is a prerequisite for its approval by the Civil Defense.

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