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Anniversary of the founding day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A day of pride for us as Saudis in the interest of our leadership, may God protect it, in promoting the culture and history of the Kingdom, which was the product of the great efforts made by our leaders throughout history, from the moment Imam Muhammad bin Saud, may God have mercy on him, announced the establishment of the state, to the announcement of His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God protect him, who He made this anniversary an official holiday in the country, all efforts are connected, and all ambitions are for the glory of this great kingdom as one. On this occasion dear to our hearts, We, the family of Arif Al-Nahdi Co. Ltd., are pleased to celebrate and share in the joy of our country, about the glories of three centuries-old centuries that passed since its inception and establishment, every year and my beloved country is a thousand good, every year, and that green flag surrounds our hearts with security, safety, and protection that has long been hostage to its flickering that coincides with palpitations our hearts.

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Arif Al-Nahdi Co. Ltd. represented by the Marketing Department, opens its new branch in Khamis Mushait, as the second-largest branch in the southern region to cover the needs of customers. The Marketing Director, Engineer Salem bin Arif Al-Nahdi, explained that the new branch will constitute a qualitative leap for the company in the southern region, expanding the circle of customers and facilitating their service, which coincides with the increasing demands of customers in the southern region for the company’s products, especially after its approvals by the Civil Defense. The engineer also thanked the attendees and presented them with gifts in kind on the occasion of the opening, as well as the concerned authorities represented by the Civil Defense in the southern region for their keenness to have the fire pumps in accordance with the necessary requirements and approved by the Saudi Standards and Metrology Authority, which is a prerequisite for its approval by the Civil Defense.